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Welding of rails

18 rail-welding plants of "RSP-M" LLC perform welding in steady state conditions and continuous welding.

Welding in steady state conditions.

Rail-welding plants (RWP) weld new and used rails by contact welding pulsed reflow in rail lashes up to 800 meters, as well as they repair used rails. RWP weld rails of both domestic production (such as NTMK, NKMK) and foreign made (Japanese, Austrian) of different quality categories and heat strengthening, as well as of different nominal lengths (25m, 100m). Plants are equipped with modern welding equipment (steady state welding machines K- 1100, MCP 63.01 and others), equipment for hot and cold rails straightening (Geismar), induction heating facilities UIN 001-100/RT, equipment for repair of used rails (Geismar RFS M 6992).

Rail lashes are delivered to the fronts of repair paths by special train carriages PC-800/1, RS-800/3, RS-800/5 with the capacity of up to 20 km/path.

Continuous welding.

For rail continuous welding and repair the propelled rail welding machines (PRWM) are used on a "MAZ" based mobile welding complex KSM- 005. Today 94 PRWM -3, 4, 5, 6 machines operate at the fronts of the railways and one KSM- 005. PRWM machines are designed for contact rail-welding by pulsed fusion in the "field" conditions on the fronts of track repair. Welding can be done in both laid in the way rail lashes, which are moved directly from the machine and lashes stacked along the way - inside and outside the track. The machines are equipped with modern welding equipment such as welding heads hanging K- 922, MCP 120.01 and others, as well as the induction heating way installations (IHI).