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"RSP-M" LLC Today

“RSP-M” Limited Liability Company was established on July 22, 2008.

July 30, 2008 is the beginning of “RSP-M” LLC activity.

“RSP-M” LLC is one of the leading companies in the world for rails welding and grinding. The Company includes manufacturing enterprises located in 18 regions of Russia.

“RSP-M” LLC is a manufacturing company operating in the field of railway transport. The Company comprises 23 enterprises including those under construction. The construction of own world’s largest rail-welding enterprise, Chelyabinsk is an important development stage of the Company. “RSP-M” LLC enterprises carry out work for more than 25 current projects in the field of transportation machine building, organize production of new types of railway equipment including ditch cleaning machines МКВЧ-01р and rail grinding RR – 16MS machines.

Today “RSP-M” LLC employs about 6,000 people.