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Grinding rails

Rail polishing train (RHP) are intended to restore the form of heads of rails and removal ripple wear on the tread surface of defective parts of the path of the methods of active rotating grinding wheels..


In the system of keeping track of economy profile grinding at the present time it is one of the priority directions. Preventive grinding allows you to prevent the appearance of defects in the tread surface, prevent or materially delay the development of the rails defects contact-fatigue nature. The list of fixes and decrease  by means of grinding defects rails includes the following types of  wavy wear of the saddle ,mechanical damage flattering  wrinkles and plastic deformation of the headк peeling and chipping of metal ,knocked off the ends of the rails in the joints,irregularities in welded joints defects due to the infringement of the technology of production.

As a result of the removal of surface defects are reduced vertical dynamic forces, noise and vibration increases the service life of rails, rail fasteners and sleepers, there is a significant lengthening of the cycle of the bearing, the way in plan and profile. In addition n
о reduced expenses on maintenance and repair of rolling stock and increase the terms of his service due to the reduction of fatigue parts and components.

However, for the realization of the benefits you need a comprehensive and systemic approach, the main provisions of which include

  • precise planning of works on the basis of the diagnosis of the actual condition of the longitudinal and cross profiles of the rail head, the reasons for their single output;
  • development the system of control condition of the rails after the grinding process correspondence received transverse and longitudinal profiles of the preset parameters.);
  • the inclusion of works for grinding of rails as the final operation in the technological processes of the repairs and the bearing, the way.

At the moment  Ltd."RSP-M" for the implementation of these tasks has trains:

  • RR-16 №1  Oktyabrskaya
  • RR-48 №1Oktyabrskaya
  • URR-112-5 A Oktyabrskaya
  • RR-16 MCN№7the North-Caucasian
  • RHP-484Moscow
  • RR-162Moscow
  • RHP-48 №4 Moscow
  • RR-48 3 Gorkovskaya.
  • RHP-481.3 West Siberian
  • RHP-48 №KN 3 West Siberian
  • RHP-48 №3 North
  • RHP-48 №8 South-Ural
  • RHP-48 №KN1 the North-Caucasian
  • RHP-48 №10 Privolzhskaya
  • RHP-48 №5 Kuibyshev
  • RHP-48 №KN5 Sverdlovsk
  • RHP-48 №6 Sverdlovsk
  • RHP-48 №9 Krasnodar
  • RHP-48 №7  Zabolkaiskaya
  • RHP-48 №4 Dalnevostochnaya(Far east).
  • RR-48 №5  the East Siberian
  • RHP-16K Experimental