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Repair of railway equipment

Repair of track machines


Group of companies  «Stroydetal-service»  carries out all kinds of repairs, technical and after-sales service, modernization of the following types of track machines:

  • liner-tamper machines such as Doumatik, Unimat VPR VPRS;
  • self-grinding machine RR-48, RR-16 RHP-48;
  • ballast-cleaning machines SH-600/601, SHU-800, RM-80 UHR;
  • vale(ditch) leaning machine SZP, MKT, MNK;
  • universal traction modules UTM-1,UTM-2;
  • vacuum-cleaning machines COMPELVAC, FATRA;


  • special train PC 800/1-5;
  • service and repair module MSR-1.


High quality of services provided:

  • Qualified personnel as a result of many years of experience and skilled personnel formed a professional team capable to solve the most complex tasks. The total number of the company on date - 251 persons, from them::
  • Design-technological Department, consisting of highly qualified specialists and with all the technical-normative documentation.
  • The modern equipment of the production facilities equipped with modern machinery that are used in the work of original spare parts, and new equipment.
  • Quality control system of quality of work is monitored at all stages of production of experienced specialists, operates a certified laboratory, equipped with modern means of diagnostics, applying effective methods of non-destructive control.
  • Foreign partners - close cooperation with such leaders of the European market of production and repair of track machines as  АО «MTH Praha a.s.» (Czech Republic), Compel a.s. (Slovakia),  JumboTec GmbH (Germany),  SPENO INTERNATIONAL SA (Switzerland) allows you to learn from the best practices and the use of technical solutions of the foreign partners in terms of our production.

Service maintenance of track machines

In 2003, at the same time with the development of repairs of track machinery enterprises Ltd. Stroydetal-service» and Ltd.«the PAC «ILS Prague-Travel machine» was formed by a group of Service for repair and maintenance of track machines.

The main tasks of the Service group:

  • the commissioning of track machines, after a major or medium repair of the enterprises of the group of companies Ltd. «Stroydetal-service»;
  • warranty and post-warranty maintenance of track machinery;
  • the exclusion of unscheduled downtime in the work of track machinery for technical failures;
  • operational Troubleshooting track machines in case of their occurrence;
  • provision of technical and technological assistance to operating organizations during Troubleshooting on track machines;
  • carrying out of technical audit of the performance of the machines in the warranty and post-warranty periods.


Repair of tamping units


In 2006-2007 the group of companies  Ltd. «Stroydetal-service» with the purpose of developing the capital repair of  tamping  units to liner-tamper-straighten machines such as Duomatik  09-32 CSM and Unimat 08-275 3S together with the specialists of the German company JumboTec GmbH in the city of Ulyanovsk has been created production line for the repair of these nodes.

The JumboTec GmbH purchased equipment, technological equipment, tools, spare parts for tamping units.

In the development of the technological documentation on repair of tamping units,were used technological processes PTKB CP, Plasser & Theurer.

For the repair, created the site for the repair tamping unit’s area of 300 sq m at 10 repair of seats, is equipped with a sink, the necessary technological equipment and tools

Specialists of the group of companies Ltd.  «Stroydetal-service» have been trained in Germany, participating in the repair of the tamping units together  with the specialists of the JumboTec GmbH.

When repairing use only original spare parts from a warehouse in Germany

In the service of the group of companies includes a group of service for repair tamping units, can in the shortest time troubleshoot problems with going directly to the location of the liner-tamper-straighten machine.