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Ltd. "RSP-M" is taking measures to develop the production and repair facilities.

In 2013, on the development of the infrastructure provided by the Company was granted more than 1.5 billion rubles.

During period from  2008  till 2013 year, were acquired several companies, which carry out all types of repairs necessary travel rail welding machines and railway equipment, as well as their production.

Development Engineering held talks (negotiated) with world leaders underway engineering  for the construction of cooperative machines.

Since 2013,  was started production of certain types of equipment and track(underway) equipment using their own funds together with a number of leading world producers (Speno, Zheysmar, PJSC « Kakhovkа Plant of Electric Welding Equipment».)

The enterprise Llc. «RSPM »Prague in February 2013,was  made the first Vale(ditch)-cleaning machine for Llc. «RSP-M», designed to work on the railways of  Russia in connection with the competition by winning the right to carry out work for cleaning and cutting of ditches, elimination of local outbursts and planning slopes.

Vale(ditch)-cleaning machine MKVCH-01R passed technical tests, public acceptance and approved in July 2013 to work on the rail lines of ОJSC «Russian Railways».

On created on the basis of RSP-3 factory, Ltd. "NPK" RSP-M  SVEL "getting better production of K-922-1, K-1100 and KSM-005 on the basis of MAZ by licenses  of PJSC « Kakhovkа Plant of Electric Welding Equipment».

On the enterprise has been modernized rail-welding heads K-355 brought to the level of the K-900. They have been successfully tested in ВНИИЖТ  for welding rails of domestic and foreign production.  In 2013,  7  rail- welding heads K-355,will be upgraded .

After the transition of  Iron and Steel Works to produce 100-meter high-rails (Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant in 2014 - 400,000 tons of steel per year, Novokuznetsk Iron and Steel Works - 400,000 tons of steel per year) it will be necessary to ensure their welding 800-meter thong.

To achieve this goal, LLC «RSP-M» completes the construction of a new rail-welding plant in Chelyabinsk (rail welding plant RSP-M) is able to produce 400,000 tons of welded rail lashes a year of 100 meter long rails. Equipment Company supplies  by Zheysmar.

As part of the agreement between OJSC "Russian Railways" and Ltd. "RSP-M", the concept of reforming the rail welding complex.

We have agreed in OJSC "Russian Railways " and the program began with a major upgrade for the release of new 800 meter long lashes of the 100 meter long rail welding of rails 4 enterprises (RSP-29  St.Industrial West-Siberian Railway,RSP-32 St. Mysovaya East-Siberian Railway , RSP-37 Art. Zilovo Zabaykalsoy railroad).

In plans to work with a modernization under the issue old eight hundred meters of lashes from the 25-meter rails 8 rail welding enterprises (RSP-19 St. Far Eastern Khabarovsk railway station RSP -7 St.Yenisey Krasnoyarsk Railway, RSP-4 St. Yekaterinburg Sverdlovsk railway roads, RSP-17, St. Kalikin Gorky Railway, RSP-36 St. Raevka Kuibyshevka railway, RSP-2, St. Anisovka Volga Railroad, RSP-8 St. Filino Northern Railway, RSP-31 St. Tikhoretskaya North Caucasian Railway).