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  •        Production results LLC. « RSP- M» in 2013.

    In 2013, the FPR , the following results:
    - Welding joints PRSM machines - 56035 joint (previous record 48918 joint)
    - Grinding rails in rail- way trains - 55637 km (Previous record - km. 54753)
    - Grinding on the road turnouts - 3300 per page (previous record - 2502 per page)

    The reconstruction of rail welding companies RSP-1 and RSP-36 for welding 100 meter rail.

    In February - March 2014 is supposed to launch the world's largest rail welding company number 13 in Chelyabinsk.

    The reconstruction of weld 100 meter rails RSP-29 st. Industrial and RSP- 32 Art. Mysovaya.

    Production capacity of LLC "RSP -M" Welding 100 meter rail to mid-2014 will be 610 thousand tons.

    Commercial production of brand new machines:
    - Kyuvetoochistitelnyh (first car - 01R MKVCH commissioned in 2013); - Schebenoochistitelnyh MF-1000 (build nearing completion and will be delivered in OJSC «RZD» in 2014);
    - Rail- RR-16 MS (delivery of the first machines provided in 2014).
    - LLC «RSP–M» together with KZESO produced two mobile welding complex combined course. In the season of 2014 will be transferred to OJSC «Russian Railways» for main line railways.

  •        Mukhamed Mukhadinovich Tsikanov appointed Adviser to the Minister

    of Economic Development of the the Russian Federation (Russian Ministry of Economic Development Order dated December 31, 2013)

  •        General Director of « RSP- M» thanked the leaders and teams rail welding companies

    production department LLC «RSP- M» and personally Deputy General Director for Production Dyakov Viacheslav Sergeevich.

  •        December 20, 2013 the first trial welded rail joints on the new rail-welding plants number 13 (RSP-13)

    December 20, 2013 on the new rail-welding plants number №13 ( RSP- 13) LLC «RSP –M» in Chelyabinsk tested equipment production line welding of rails . Welded rail joint first trial . Test results showed performance and serviceability installed equipment in the process stream . The results of the electronic system of quality control of welding and heat treatment fully meet the standards of OJSC «RZD».

  •        The «3» (third) rank at the Socio- economic project «Elite Nation».

    As of 2013 , Ltd. «RSP–M» took pride the «3» (third) rank at the Socio- economic project «Elite Nation» on the profiling classifier NACE economic activity « 28.5 .» The ranking was conducted among 700 000 enterprises(Plants) in the Russian Federation , regardless of ownership , which are registered and operate in our country.

    Building rating conducted by four criteria based on objective analysis of balance sheet ratios for the last reporting period, based on official data of the Federal State Statistics Service and in accordance with international accounting standards, which is recognized and used in the leading countries of the world.

  •        News from the business of the company’s

    In September 2013 the crew of the rail - polishing train RHP-48 number № 9., Production department, LLC «RSP-М», working on the East-Siberian railway record the amount of work done by grinding the rails - 703.7 km / etc.

         Such a huge volume of work not performed at any other rail-train from the transfer of technology of OJSC «RZD» to the Company LLC «RSP-M».

         For the achievement of high results the crew of rail- polishing train RHP-48 number № 9 was awarded the diploma and encouraged be the bonus.

  •        The first vale(ditch)-cleaning machine MKVH-01P

    was manufactured at the plant, RSPMPrahas.r.o» and was held technical tests, state acceptance and approved it. In July 2013 began to work on the rail lines of OJSC "Russian Railways".

  •        In accordance with the investment program for enterprise "RSP-M"

    were modernized welding heads K-355 brought to the level of the K-900. They have been successfully tested in VNIIGT for welding rails of domestic and foreign production
         In the upgraded heads redesigned hydraulic system, the machine's control system, the control cabinet mounted operator panel to monitor the current of welding parameters, the opportunity to e-passport system parameters, software is installed, corresponding to the welding head of K-900.
         Welding upgraded heads are aimed at businesses and Ltd. “RSP” will be installed on the machine instead of outdated PRSM.

  •        30 of July, 2013

    Limited Liability Company «RSP-M» marks the fifth anniversary of the formation! The professionalism, knowledge and expertise, the solution of technical and economic challenges, allows us to develop dynamically. Ahead is a lot of interesting and challenging tasks associated with our profession. On this day, the Company's management team congratulates Ltd. «RSP-M» with a five-year period of education and wish everyone good health, happiness and success in all your affairs, success and prosperity to your families to live in peace and happiness!

  •        According to the analysis of the Rating Analytical Group (Group of Rating Analysis)

    constructed solely on the basis of official statistics of the Russian Federation Ltd. «RSP-M» took «4» among the «35339» enterprises in the qualifier type of economic activity, «28.5», «Processing of metals and coatings on metals, metal processing products using the basic engineering processes». The studies were conducted by comparative evaluation by 6 standard criteria (coefficient of return on equity, return on assets, return on sales ratio, asset turnover ratio, coefficient of variation of sales, the profitability of current assets).

    Ltd. "The rating Analytical Group» (Group of Rating Analysis) - an independent national company, which seeks to conduct as independent analysis of the rating companies throughout the Russian Federation. The system of comparison is correspond of international standards of IFRS, GAAP, NSBU.

  •        23 of may, 2013

    in Chelyabinsk held the meeting with the heads of design institutes and contractors are participating in the design of the construction of rail-welding enterprise(Plant). The questions which considered, were about the quality and pace of work on the construction of the enterprise and the timing of its delivery.

  •        Address

    of Director-general of Ltd."RSP-M" to the collectives of rail welding plants.

  •        24 of April, 2013

    Mukhamed Tsikanov and Viacheslav Dyakov visited rail-welding plant(undertaking) RSP-2 (Saratov region). At the working meeting with the heads and specialists of the enterprise reviewed the issues of the planned targets in 2012 and the first quarter of 2013, capacity utilization, as well as the possibility of change-over RSP-2 on the 100 meter rail welding.

  •        Moscow Sberbank

    Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia and Ltd. "RSP-M" signed an agreement on the opening of the bank for credit facilities totaling $ 2.4 billion of rubles for the period of 7 years. The funds will be used to finance and refinance the cost of construction of the rail-welding enterprise (plant) in the city of Chelyabinsk.

  •        Ltd. "RSP-M"

    Ltd. "RSP-M" in accordance with the schedule of the transmit-receive approved by OJSC "Russian Railways" started taking over vale(ditch)-cleaning and vacuum machines leased to fulfill obligations under the contract to perform for cleaning and cutting of vales(ditches), elimination of local outbursts and layout of slopes on railway roads of the Russian Federation. On March 14, the guidance of "Russian Railways" approved agreed with "RSP-M" standing order of cooperation between the structural subdivision of OJSC "Russian Railways" and LLC "RSP-M" in the performance of the above mentioned activities. On March 21 produced the first works on clearing vales (ditches), in the North - Caucasian Railway.

  •        March 6, 2013

    In OJSC "Russian Railways" held an extended meeting with the Vice-President of OJSC "Russian Railways" Tselko A.V. with the participation of guidance of OJSC "Russian Railways" and the LLC "RSP - M", which reviewed a wide range of issues, as well as the results of two months of 2013.

  •        February 27, 2013

    In OJSC "Russian Railways", was held working meeting of the President of OJSC "Russian Railways" Yakunin V.I., the Vice-president of OJSC "Russian Railways" Tselko A.V. and Director-General of Ltd. "RSP - M" Tsikanov M.M .During the meeting were discussed the aspects of cooperation in 2013, as well as the issues of further cooperation.

  •        February 27, 2013

    The enterprise "RSPM" Prague in February 2013 was made the first vale (ditch)-cleaning machine for Ltd."RSP-M", which intended to work on the railways of Russia in connection with the competition by winning of the company the right to carry out cleaning and cutting of vales (ditches), elimination of local outbursts and planning slopes.

  •        February 27, 2013

    Was held the meeting of the guidance of Ltd. "RSP - M" and by firm "Speno" (Switzerland), on which was reviewed issues of maintenance of the park grinding equipment manufactured by "Speno", as well as the supply of service parts.

  •        January 18, 2013

    President of OJSC "Russian Railways" Yakunin V.I. and Director-General of Ltd."RSP - M" Tsikanov M.M. reviewed the results of cooperation in 2012.