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Mechanical engeneering

Engeneering program

Group of companies  «Ltd. «Stroydetal-service»  has experience in the production of the following types of machines that have passed the procedure of obligatory certification in the RS FGT:

  • Vale(ditch)-cleaning  machine MKVCH-01R

Machine description

The machine for cutting and cleaning кюветов MKVCH-01R (hereinafter machine) is used on the railway network and is designed to perform the following tasks:

cleaning, expansion and deepening of the Vales(ditches);

new thread of vales(ditches);

processing of forms of slopes;

layout of the work area ploughs;

deepening of vales(ditches) parallel to the axis of the way and in the working area of the bucket wheel across the axis of the road..

The machine is intended for use on railway tracks with all types of rails and fasteners in conditions of moderate climate at the temperature of ambient air (minus 10 C - + 40 C).

  • vacuum machine COMPELVAC-500 RD

  • machine to adjust the curve of sleepers МРЭШ-1

  • the rail-carry multi-tiered RS-800/1-5

  • machine planning-stabilizing MPS-1

  • machine for grinding of rails on the road and on the track switches translations RR-16 MS7



Developed design documentation of the machine СЧ-1000.

The technical level of performance of these machines corresponds to the world level, which is confirmed by patents.





Work on obtaining patents for the rest of the machines is under completion.