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“RSP-M” LLC Tender Announcements


“RSP-M Trading” LLC is the main supplier of equipment, spare parts, consumables and components for the needs of “RSP-M” LLC, which manufacturing enterprises are located in 18 regions of Russia and abroad and also carries out a complete set of construction of rail-welding enterprises.


“RSP-M Trading” LLC operates not only with domestic organizations and enterprises but also with foreign partners delivering spare parts and consumables manufactured at leading enterprises of Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Belarus, and Ukraine.


Starting from 2012 the Company participates in the state and commercial tenders, competitive auctions and biddings, submits applications for electronic biddings both as Supplier and Customer.


As of 2013 the Company is involved in export deliveries.


“RSP-M Trading” LLC activity is aimed at development of new markets, diversification of activities, ensuring reliable deliveries.


Tel.: (8422) 52-45-11, 55-08-15, 55-25-32, 52-63-86.

Email:  ulv@rspmtrayd.ru

Postal address: 432072, mail box 3690, Ulyanovsk  

Legal address: 24 A, 9th Engineer lane 432072, Ulyanovsk, Russia